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Monday, 20 February 2017


No automatic alt text available.Cowards was born in and around Blueprint Studios, Manchester by three musicians disillusioned with the local gig scene but still in love with making music. Picking themselves up from the ashes of previous bands and united in a mission to create something meaningful and beautiful, determining to make an album before ever playing a gig.

From their inception in 2013, the band abided by one rule, they would not compromise their sound and what followed was a year in which they begged, stole and borrowed; vintage synths, field recordings, a whole brass section. If the creative process demanded it, they resolutely delivered it.

Image may contain: 5 people, people sitting, shoes, child and outdoorArmed with Mike Charles' electronic sketches, the trio found an ally in their producer turned band member Dave Woodhead, who helped perform open heart surgery on the songs and found the album's heartbeat. Finally, whilst in the pub between recording sessions, Cowards found singer and pianist Esther Maylor, completing the band's line up which includes founding members Grant Tildsley and Iwan Jones.
With debut album Teeth finished, 2016 saw Cowards begin the complicated process of translating the album in order to play live. 

They had created an album out of subdued falsettos, acoustic guitars, industrial electro, undulating pastoral soundscapes - and a subconscious obsession with bones and body parts - using a brass band, field recordings, ad-hoc choirs, guest musicians, and vintage synths they didn’t own. Overcoming these limitations and re-inventing the songs was no easy task, however the process has resulted in the band arriving at a point where they're ready for live performance. 

With that in mind, Cowards will launch Teeth at their debut gig on April 15th 2017 at Manchester's Deaf Institute and Ralph will be featuring them on the Radio KC Indie Show on February 26th.

No automatic alt text available.The album is a joy, with nine tracks that  bring a different something to the table for all. They're channelling everyone from Lou Reed and Depeche Mode to Joy Division and CHVRCHES, all wrapped up in their own unique and innovative groove. The thumping Industrial electricity of Polar Bear leads you into the unexpectedly synthy, bouncy indie poppiness of The Cut

I could go on at length but that would be unfair as you should get the chance to be surprised by the diversity of Teeth in the comfort of your own headphones. 

It's as good as debut albums get.

Ralph's Indie Show Replay - 19.2.17

Ralph's Indie Show Replay

As played on Radio KC

Sunday 19th February 5-7pm GMT

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LiVVO - Mt Interaction
Porshyne - Exit
JIANT - Here and Now
Calling All Astronauts - Divisive
The Brocklebank - Criminals
Snippet - We Luv The Sunshine
E M I L I E - Eyes For You
L-space - Blue Flowers
Wills & The Willing - Butterflies
Opal Blue - Nile
The Winachi Tribe - A Room With A Zoo
Sub Couple- Jump On Demand
The Poulsons - Weirdo
I Saw The World Burn - Bombtrack
Dirty Jane - Boogie Monster
The Immediate - What's The Matter Kevin Jones?
Jingo - Sirens and Vices
The Kut - I Want You Maniac
Fionas Run - Pictures
Violet Contours - Electric Bodies
The Patriots - Call My Name
Crimsons - Idle Ways
The Twisted Dolls - Electrify
In Hoodies - My Con

Little Brother Eli - Video Of The Week

Image may contain: 1 personFavourite video this week is Oceans by Little Brother Eli.

Little Brother Eli combine the blues with hip hop rhythms to give you ‘the feeling that every single second has been filled with crafted perfection’ (Right Chord Music), but even this kind of juxtapositional statement doesn’t quite cover it. With a sound that brings Jack White or the Black Keys to mind, Little Brother Eli take powerful vocals, growling guitars and gritty solos to create their own twist on bluesy garage rock.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, beard, selfie and close-upLittle Brother Eli was formed in Oxford during early 2013 by bassist Josh Rigal and vocalist Alex Grew. The pair were joined by guitarist Adam Stowe and drummer Benji Page who began sharing their eclectic mix of musical influences along with lap steel specialist Tom Williams.

Their new album Cold Tales is available now.

Ralph will be playing Oceans on this Sunday's Indie Show 26th Feb) on Radio KC so make sure you tune in from 5-7pm.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Ralph's Top 10 Blogged Band Chart as played on Radio KC - 19.2.17

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No automatic alt text available.If you like your post punk downright dystopian and delightfully dirty (alliteration is my muse) then have I got the album for you.

Welcome To Your Life is the long awaited second album from JUXTA, one of the most important bands on the indie scene right now.

Combining high energy punk rock with dark industrial sounds JUXTA draws on a range of influences from Joy Division to Nine Inch Nails to devastating effect.

No automatic alt text available.

It's nearly a year since Ralph played the lead track Miami from the eponymous debut EP by Bradford's dark and mysterious electro-pop outfit They Called Him Zone on his Radio KC Indie Show.

OK, OK, they're not that mysterious as I can tell you the band are - Mik Davies on Vocals, Drone and Production, Steve Maloney on Vocals, Guitar and Production plus John Bradford on Keys and percussion when playing live.

No 3: Weekend Debt

Weekend Debt

From Lanark in Bonnie Scotland, Weekend Debt are a fresh new indie band comprising four young, talented and vibrant musicians. Citing Influences such as Catfish and the BottlemenArctic MonkeysCourteeners and FathersonWeekend Debt are garnering a reputation for 'getting the joint jumping' via a set replete with indie tunes influenced by many a night out and the relationships that ensue. 

No 4: Snippet

Today's post focuses on the quintessentially English songwriting of Johnno Casson who performs under the pseudonym of Snippet

April 7th will see the release of his new album Future Melancholy Pop Music and the title sees the contents doing exactly what it says on the tin. It's 15 tracks of reflective, retrospective, introspective, captivating, engaging, satirical, funky and just plain compulsive lo-fi listening pleasure.

Image may contain: 4 people
Ralph's always been a fan of crowdfunding since doing one for the Ralph's Life CD for Rethink Mental Illness a couple of years ago, so on hearing that Leeds Alt Rockers Where Fires Are were using PledgeMusic to fund their upcoming EP one four six one it was time to take a looksee.

Ralph will be playing I've Got The Time on next Sunday's Indie Show on Radio KC.

Essex based Alt Rockers Rob Jarvis and The Mercury Sons are due to release their debut single Just To Make You Happy on the 17th of February. 

It's already had its first radio play on the Kerrang Fresh Blood Show and needless to say Ralph will be giving it a pre-release spin on his Radio KC Indie Show soon.

Image may contain: 3 people, sunglasses
Full of more swagger than a mid-90's Gallagher brother, the intense sounds of North wales guitar bandits Bright Young People have come knocking firmly at the door with their new single Suppress Happiness, which was recorded and produced by former Vibrators guitarist Pat Collier.

It's aggressively laid back intro belies the louche nature of the ensuing guitar driven track. It's in your face vocal marks out its live and loud pedigree, whilst ensuring its radio-friendliness. If this is your first introduction to their presumptuous sound, it'll have you clamouring for more.

No automatic alt text available.TheTwisted Dolls are a 2-piece, blues influenced garage rock band from Manchester, UK. Forming over a love of genuine rock n' roll, the Dolls have been playing powerful sets to live audiences in the UK for 18 months, non-stop.

Young, hungry, with a set of blistering garage rock songs. After two successful independent releases, they received national radio play and were invited to perform a live session on BBC Radio. This exposure led to more high profile gig offers, and a slot on main stage of the Feel Good Festival 2016.

No 9: The Farm

No automatic alt text available.
The Farm are using Pledgemusic to release 3 brand new songs plus a re-mix of Feel The Love, all signed by the band, as well as the new EP being part of some extremely groovy merchandise bundles.

Founding member Peter Hooton said - "We're releasing this music now because we've been playing festivals for a few years and everyone we meet always asks the same question, 'When are you releasing new material'."

No 10: The Immediate

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If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again seems to be the motto of Welsh 3-piece power pop outfit The Immediate who originally split in 1997 due to - "frustration, an argument over a mouth organ and the success of The Stereophonics."

Releasing one single (unaccountably popular in Sweden), making every conceivable mistake in the How To Be A Successful Indie Band handbook, touring with some excellent bands (Mansun, 60ft Dolls, Dodgy) and eventually flickering out they left behind the memory of some great gigs, a few fine songs, and little else.