Tuesday 5 April 2016

Day Old Hate

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With thanks to Leo Bojesen Photography
Ralph's just got a sniff about a new single from Leeds based alt-rockers Day Old Hate called Don't Chase Me so he thought he'd share the news and the video with you.

“It’s important to not to get too hung up about the people that didn't or don't believe in you”, states vocalist Ollie Swift and it is this very sentiment that forms the basis of the newly released video for the single Don’t Chase Me

Reminiscent of 'Rocky' with its visuals, Ollie continues - “The video itself shows someone who is training and striving to reach that end goal by making themselves stronger and better”.

The track is taken from February's EP release First Light, in which the Day Old Hate - completed by guitarists Ben Fletcher and Will Smith, bassist Josh Flynn and drummer/backing vocalist Ed Dennis - load their songs with roaring, satisfyingly chunky rhythm guitar, bursts of sparkling lead guitar top lines and soaring vocal refrains that feel instantly familiar, in the best way possible.

Image may contain: textFirst Light marks a new beginning for Day Old Hate. Before we seemed to be stuck in a rut of bad habits and even worse luck, but this EP represents us reaching the end of that period in a kind of ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ scenario,” remarks Swift. 

He continues, “We wanted to write better songs then we ever had before. Overall, it feels like a more authentic representation of Day Old Hate than anything that’s come before.”

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