Tuesday 21 May 2013

Third Contact a film by Simon Horrocks - Kickstarter Campaign

Now Ralph's looked at crowd funding projects before, whether for bands producing a new album or for an Indie film trying to raise production funds but Simon Horrocks the director of Third Contact has already made the film, his Kickstarter project is to get his Indie film onto the cinema screens in London including the BFI IMAX!

The exciting news is that with only a few hours left the film's Kickstarter exceeded its total and raised nearly £16,000.  The film itself is a tense, dark insight into death, grief and one mans attempt to retain his sanity.  You can be part of this films unique story by attending the screening at the BFI iMax in London.


faustreview'Psychotherapist David Wright runs a private practice in London but is struggling to motivate himself. Memories of lost love torment him, while Rene, a client, has committed suicide and David is now in such a state he considers following the same path. Meanwhile, another client also talks of suicide; but this is ‘quantum suicide’ – a thought experiment which implies immortality for conscious beings.  Rene’s sister, Erika Maurer, finds his apartment is almost empty. Just one cup, spoon, fork and knife, frames without pictures, torn family photos… One more curiosity: a list of memories – four dated descriptions of specific moments in his life.

David agrees to meet Erika, as she seeks to understand her brother’s state of mind, and the two damaged souls look to each other for some kind of comfort. Another client, Helen, acting strangely, walks out of her session. 

But when he discovers Helen has met the same fate as Rene, leaving behind another mysterious list of memories, David is drawn into an obsessive investigation, determined to find out who or what is responsible before any more lives are lost.

Hi, my name is Simon and I’m a writer/director, living about 3 miles from where I was 
born in North London. In 1973, after we’d dropped out of the rat race to live on an 
arts-centre-come-hippy-commune near Glastonbury, I declared I wanted to be a film 
director and my parents, who always indulged my creative urges, bought me a 
second-hand standard 8mm camera and a tripod. 
CUT TO: London, March 2010. After screenwriting for a few years, making a small amount 
of money, one thing was bugging me - my screenplays weren’t getting made into films. 
As my agent said at the time, financiers weren’t prepared to take the risk. 
So, I set out to shoot my debut feature-length film with whatever I had to hand, or 
could afford to buy with my wages working in a cinema. I was told I couldn’t do justice 
to the screenplay without a professional crew and at least a modest budget for equipment. 
But I went ahead and started filming, anyway. Because one thing my parents taught me - 
the most important thing in art is not what tools you have, but the creativity you put into 
using them. 
After a lot of hard work, improvisation and imagination, we made a film which has gone 
on to show at a prestigious festival in Germany and receive critical acclaim. We couldn't 
have done it without a great cast, so I was lucky enough to have actors and friends 
appearing in the film and donating their time for free, as well as many other generous 
helpers along the way. 
We now invite you to join on us on this incredible journey as we take our film to one of the 
most prestigious movie theatres in the world - the BFI IMAX in central London, the biggest 
cinema screen in Britain. 

Third Contact is a gripping psychological thriller with a sci-fi twist, which originates from what has been described by one film critic as ‘a goldmine of ideas’, including madness, depression, grief, as well as scientific concepts such as a disturbing ‘thought-experiment’ 
called Quantum Suicide.
With influences beginning at Sophocles Oedipus the King, this story follows on from Hitchcock’s Vertigo and Marker’s La Jetée - stories about time and fate, about memory and obsession.

“It is difficult for me to convey the sheer artistic brilliance and visual beauty that the work possesses.” Kate-Jane Hall, THE LONDON FILM REVIEW
“Quite the masterpiece and sensational debut” Joseph Rothschild, FAUST
“A goldmine of ideas.” Ralph Sziegoleit, FRANKENPOST
“A moving experience that not only qualifies as cinema but could also be considered a 
masterful piece of art with its poetic use of mystery and dialogue.” Christopher George,
"The writing is beautiful. The storytelling. The performances. The art direction. At this 
level in the microbudget realm, I can't think of anything else that comes close." Heidi Haaland,SCREENWRITER.
"A massive achievement and if I can ever produce anything that is even half as good 
I'll be pretty bloody pleased with myself. BRAVO!!!" Steve French, FILMMAKER.
"Through Third Contact, Simon Horrocks has created the kind of film which I can only 
dream of making in the future and has set the standard for low-budget mess-with-your-mind productions." Pardonmyfrenchie, BLOGGER & FILM EDITOR.
"poetic and... mysterious" Critic Nic, FILM BLOGGER.
"Fans of directors like David Lynch, Darren Aronofsky, Richard Kelly, Vincenzo Natali and 
Duncan Jones ought to enjoy Third Contact’s open-ended, philosophical and conspiratorial nature." Ian Cavalier, SPIRAL NOTEPAD.

We'll release Third Contact independently in select theaters around London. From there, 
we’ll be pushing to show the film in independent cinemas across the UK.
We’ve shown Third Contact to independent cinemas in London - they like the film and 
want to show it. Before they can show it, however, we need funds ready to pay for film promotion.
The theatrical release and resulting media coverage of the film will become a huge asset 
as we then move on to distributing via DVD, Blu-Ray and video streaming services to an international audience.
I’ve done all the promotional design work myself, which means even more of your money 
will go where it’s needed. Apart from securing a professional film PR company’s services, 
costs will include hiring a cinema booker, paying for posters and flyers to be printed and 
other “deliverables” such as Digital Cinema Packages and Blu-ray masters.
I believe in cinema, which means watching films on a big screen. That‘s what inspired me 
to want to make my own films. I would love to bring Third Contact to cinemas around the 
world and your backing will help me to keep pushing towards that goal.

I want the exclusive event screening of Third Contact to be a special experience for those 
making the £50 donation. That's why I've provisionally booked the BFI IMAX cinema screen 
in central London.
This is one of the most prestigious cinemas in the world, where many of the biggest stars 
in the business attend premieres of their films. But why should big budget productions 
have all the fun?
Should you choose to pledge £50, I will be eternally grateful. Should 250 or more of you 
decide to pledge £50, the event screening will take place at the BFI IMAX. If not we will 
find another (slightly smaller) prestigious venue in London.
If you pledge £50, as an added thank you, I will add your name to the opening credits for 
this special event screening. If enough people make this pledge, your name will be up on 
the biggest cinema screen in Britain. Feel free to take a picture!


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