Thursday 31 May 2012

Could you SUB me a COUPLE of quid 'til I buy this album


Further to my earlier lovings of London based band Sub Couple and ensuing attempts to get the excellent Sub Stomp to No.1 on the Beat 100 chart, big things have been happening with the guys.


Check out the funky new website where you can purchase their second album 'Actual Size' which is available for the entirely underpriced £8.80, especially considering the quality of the toons contained therin!  And you can sample all the tracks pre-buying though it's worth getting just for the excellent 'Silver Dollar' and the ever popular 'Sub Stomp'. Check it out and "check it out".....geddit?


If you're feeling really flush splash out on their debut album "Economy Scum" similarly priced at £8.80 and similarly undervalued!

                                   Sub Couple

Ok so this is my second Blog of the day and I'm knackered, so I'm off for a chill out with "Silver Dollar" pumping through my juke box followed by the thumping "Economy Scum" 'cause it's a dogs life!  And if you're Googlin' them and go to a website that offers you a fun time at Sub Couple's home in Funchal......avoid it like the plague....nudge nudge....wink wink.....know what I mean 'aint them!

Everything's coming up Rosies..........

Me looking notorious

So now that I'm achieving more notoriety than any Jack Russell before me (except for that one in that French made film The Artist but it can't type) and have the most read opinions on new music of any Jack Russell anywhere (and because that other one can't type) I got followed on my tweetings by this young singer/songwriter from West London called Jack Rosies.  Now being a Jack Russell and therefor naturally inquisitive and seeing as we're both called Jack although he isn't a dog,  I went and checked him out.  So he's got his own website where he gives you free music (mental, he'd get 79p on iTunes) which is actually very good and even better if you like peeps like Ed Sheeran and the girlies will love him 'cause he looks ok for not being a Jack Russell.


He's been writing and performing since 2009, doing a bit of busking, playing for charity and even played at the O2 Academy which is cool.  He is of course also available for birthdays, weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. 

     Here's a quick snippet of                                    
        a review last year in 

So why not go check him out on YouTube listen to him, like him and make him famous!  I'll be keeping tabs on him, try and find out some more stuff and if he's doing any gigs soon that you can go to and actually touch him and let him touch you.....ok bit stalker like.....and if he isn't doing any gigs I'll need to try and get him some.....oh and go make him your friend on Facebook!

Profile picture                              

Wednesday 30 May 2012

Heeeeere's Johhny.....Only You!

So I've been on the odd walk with the Old Man an' he's pointed out this old tramp bloke to me and I've thought to myself, ok but why and then he's said to the old guy "Hiya Johnny" and I thought, why 'cause he niffed a bit....and then the old guy's said to him....."Us short people have the most difficult life", and I thought ok fair comment, so my Old Man passes him a couple of quid (which I'm thinking is coming out of my dog chew money) said "see you around Johnny", and we went our separate ways.

What's the point I hear you ask.  Well on pushing the issue with my Old Man 'cause I'm worried about the misuse of my dog chew funds he told me a bit about Johnny Welly who he's known off and on these last five years and reminds him of a similar gent he knew when he was younger in Dunfermline.  That's in Scotland which is a long way away when you've only got short legs like me and can't drive.


Now there's those that think Johnny is just some rude old crazy homeless guy that wanders round St Helens swearing at people (which he does sometimes) but what most people don't realise is Johnny is an intelligent, funny, surprising and friendly man who's had a very difficult life.  

Martin Murray and Felix Sturm

He's a bit of a local celebrity and even has his own website, courtesy of a guy called  Dave Gibson  and a song written about him by a local musician, Dale Kinsey. which you can check out on YouTube. Recently he backed local boxer Martin Murray in his fight against Felix Sturm.  In return Murray's fans chanted his name at one of the boxer's weigh-ins.


One other thing most people don't know about the Legend that is Johhny is that he can carry a tune.  Check out him singing the old Platters hit Only You!  or try this, Johnny singing The Rock 'n' Roll Waltz.

So if you're passing Johhny Welly don't just look the other way, drop him a couple of quid and you never know he might just sing you a tune!  Or then again you can always check out his website  read his story, hear him singing, see the films, even play the game and then why not drop him a line at his e-mail or add him as a friend on your Facebook, he'd love to hear from you.  As my Old Man says, Johnny's a top bloke who can make you laugh or make you cry, and a true legend.

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Fal-low can my dad go...his idea of taking me for a number 2!

 Ok, so my old man says to me, "Ralph, going for a number 2" - Well I'd had a big lunch, felt a bit bloated so it sounded like a great idea.  It was nice and sunny out so a wander down the park to fill up a couple of poo bags sounded like a great idea.....then the took me out the back garden and did this to me!

So there was me lookin' all suitably hirsute which the girlies like an' he says - "lets give you a summer coat"- and I'm thinking how traumatic is this gonna be!

Then he sticks Admiral Fallow's new album 'Tree Bursts in Snow' on his juke box and I start getting this mellow vibe when 'Subbuteo' comes on 'cause it's this chillin' little instrumental track and I'm like, "well this can't be all bad", and the sun was shining and the gentle buzz of the clippers was making me feel good.


Well his juke box has like this TV screen and the next track that comes on is 'The Paper Trench' off the album which is a video and has this dead butch dog on it and the it gets so freaky 'cause this tree gets up and walks off and I think to myself well that's dead inconvenient 'cause you've got to chase it if you need a wee but then there's the fun of havin' a tree that you can chase.

So they supported Snow Patrol recently more or less at the same time as doing a headline gig of their own and now releasing the 'Tree Bursts in Snow' album and single which is like really showing off.

Admiral Fallow

Now the little one is Sarah Hayes who is like very nice and probably one of the girlies that likes hirsute if the tall one on her left is anything to go by and now, thanks to my old man, I've no chance!

So make your next mouse click a visit to iTunes and buy Tree Bursts in Snow as it's got to be a hot tip for next years SAY Award and don't just listen to it on YouTube in bits which is just like watching all them two minute porn clips on......and.....ermmmm well what would I know about that!


Thursday 24 May 2012

You should be shot if you don't buy this!

Ok forget about Oasis, these guys are current, better and not twats (Noel not so much)!  So go search out the EP find them on MySpaceFacebook, Tweet them, elevate them to the heights they deserve!  Ok maybe you didn't hear it here first but this certainly wont be the last time you'll hear it here again (hear here)!  Holy Pistol Club the way forward! Go Join the club.....

Holy Pistol Club

Wednesday 23 May 2012

Sub Stomp.....Keep this track at No now!

Sub Couple are four engines, one loose cannon playing psych edged rock n roll. Sub Couple were formed in Los Angeles in 2007 by singer and guitar player David Tomlinson (Tinstar, XC-NN) and drummer Chris Clark (Feeble Plonker and the Special Clinics). In London they recruited Bassist Kieran Heneghan (Frogs of War) and guitarist/keyboardist Paul Clark (Clod Ensemble) to record the album Economy Scum released by UNNATURAL RECORDS 



Tuesday 22 May 2012

Please don't jump from Six Stories High

Tonight's big plug is for a young Edinburgh band called Six Storeys High indirectly brought to my attention by Holy Pistol Club.  Here's a bit of a bio on the guys..... and check them out here on You Tube, they're not only great, they're mental!

Six Storeys High met at Edinburgh’s Craigmount High School in 2006. Since reaching the top of a plethora of city band competitions, they have been bringing their robust, energetic and melodic rock sound to many of the capital’s most prestigious live stages, including GRV, Studio 24, and the city’s biggest rock venue, the HMV Picture House. The four-piece, now aged 18 and 19, have built a loyal fan base in Edinburgh and beyond with support slots for the likes of Jakil, Radio Forth One To Watch winners Dirty Modern Hero, The Xcerts, Tango In The Attic and T In The Park stars Kassidy. They were selected to play at the Capital's inaugural Haddow Festival and reached the final of the national AyrPlay Festival competition. With a shared love of Biffy Clyro and fellow Edinburgh band We Were Promised Jetpacks, in May 2010 Six Storeys High launched their debut EP to over 600 fans at Edinburgh's biggest live music venue, The Usher Hall, and in September brought their new songs to the Capital’s newly reopened Liquid Room as hand-picked guests of Edinburgh stars Jakil. Winter 2010 saw the release of brand new single “My Last Favour”, picking up airplay across the UK, an accompanying and packed launch gig at Edinburgh’s Studio 24, and a tour of the Capital's schools playing to hundreds of new fans. Already this year they’ve returned triumphantly to Liquid Rooms, picked up more airplay on Scotland’s seven biggest radio stations and UK wide, and are looking forward to recording brand new songs at one of the country’s finest recording studios. Summer will see a single launch, a UK tour, and hopefully continued success for one of Scotland’s brightest new prospects.

“Got a really good feeling about them, first class pop-rock… the more I hear it, the more I love it!” – Jim Gellatly 

“Heartfelt rock… a big Britpop epic… surround sound chorus and chords” – The Daily Record 

“Power pop with shades of Feeder, Kings of Leon and Biffy” – The List 

“…fizzes with live energy and vitality… the next Teenage Fanclub… Killer melodies and a good dose of heavy riffage” - 

“Hooks to hang your hat on” – Sound Snob 

“They melted the audience with fierce intensity, then sent them into a fever with a volcanic eruption of sound. And they left the crowd buzzing!” - Jakil 

They are very close to announcing all the gigs on their 2012 UK tour, but right now they can say if you're in London (Cafe 1001 and elsewhere), Leeds (Milo Leeds), Brighton (The Pav Tav), Newcastle (Hoppings Fun Fair) or Pontypool (Hog and Hosper Inn) they would love to see you on one of their June dates - and if you are in Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff or Sheffield they will also be able to say very shortly that they are looking forward to seeing there you too

In the meantime go listen to the 'b' side of 'Ghosts' the excellent 'It's Not Easy' or better still go buy it on iTunes!

Monday 21 May 2012

Slydigs make it big......Come to their big night out!

'Bout time I featured a North West band and who better to take a look at than Slydigs who's reviews over the last year have been nothing less than spectacular.  
You can check them out on FacebookMyspace or their own website

A big congratulations to the guys for securing a record contract on the 16th June with Flicknife Records.  As I tend to concentrate on unsigned bands looks like my work here is done!  Well done guys you can't be that good and not get signed.

The great news for their fans is that Slydigs will be playing Factory251 hosted by This Feeling on the evening of the 16th alongside headliners The Charlatans and The Rifles.  The line up also includes up and coming Manchester band Daystar and hard playing Dexters plus there's the promise of a 'Secret Headliner' doing a festival warm up show so for a fiver it looks like being the deal of the year!

Then you can catch them at a  local gigs before they head over to tour Ireland on the 27th July. Be there or be square!

22nd June             Chewies,  Warrington                                                        Free Entry

REVIEWS - NME - 13th August 2010 five tracks you need to hear this week. 5. Slydigs – ‘Electric Love’ Having supported the like of Pete Doherty, New York Dolls, The Fall, Idlewild, Shack and Alabama 3 – this Manchester four piece is well polished but still has that gritty indie rock edge. Listen to the track and find out more about the band on their NME Breakthrough.

Debut Single Released!

24th March 2012

So Electric Love has now been released and the band enjoyed an amazing gig in Camden to celebrate.
Electric Love, described by NME as "one of the 5 songs you must listen to this week" has been released and is available from all good music download services. Get it now on iTunes!

Sunday 20 May 2012

Love the Pervy Robot....

It's the weekend so just a quickie......oeeer......go join beat 100 and vote for Sub Couple's 'Sub Stomp', that little guy deserve's to get to N0. 1 and at the same time why not check out The Valves  'Robot Love' for a bit of retro music 
that would cut it today! 

Be a robot! 

                             The Valves 


Friday 18 May 2012

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Modern Faces.....on the road to success

A bit of a big up for Modern Faces who were in the local press after their support gigs with Kasabian in May of last year.  Below are updates tour wise for this year and hopefully the North West of England will feature again on the list (a little bird tells me it will be and I'll be checking out The Citadel here in St Helens as a suitable future venue) in the meantime give this a listen like me.

Upcoming dates are below.....and news of a UK tour!

They're well up for it playing the Strawberry Fields them tear it up!
Strawberry Fields Festival, Cattows Farm, Leicester
Sunday 12th August

The Tunnels, Aberdeen
Friday 17th August


And here's exclusive just released news of further UK wide dates...........



The band were called by Kasabian lead singer Tom Meighan, who wanted them as support at gigs in the O2 Arenas in Sheffield and Manchester.
Gary Heaney from Modern Faces said he and lead singer Lee Montgomery thought they were being wound up.
"We were in the queue at the Corn Exchange for the Beady Eye (Liam Gallagher's new band) concert in Edinburgh when the phone went and the guy said it was Tom Meighan from Kasabian," Gary said.
"We thought it was a wind-up. He said he had heard our music and said it was exactly what he was into. He told us, 'You boys are brilliant and I want to give you some support slots.'
"Everybody's absolutely delighted. In our eyes there's nobody else in the world we would all have wanted to support. It's right up our street."
Although they formed two years ago, drummer Gary says Modern Faces only really became a proper band a year ago after keyboard player James Shields joined.
During that short time they've gained a massive hometown following and have picked up a management deal into the bargain, which has pushed them up the ladder.

Mangement & Bookings: