Monday, 3 September 2018

Brian's Indie Show on Radio KC from Sunday 16th September - REPLAY

Brian's Indie Show Replay:

As played Sunday 11.11.18 on 

Radio KC:

From 5-7pm UK Time:

Apologies for a previous technical blip...the correct replay is available now below today as played on Radio KC 5-7pm on 11.11.18:


Tracks by:

Bryony Sier - We’re All Sinners
Milo Seabird - Lullaby
Graingerboy - I Wanted To Mess Up
Sisteray - Wannabees
Candy Opera - What A Way To Travel
Bloody Knees - Reel
The Wombats - Bee-Sting
Lee Christian - The Dreamstealers (Fever Dream Mix)
Jimmy Lee Morris - It Aint Me Babe (Dylan Cover)
Bobby Motherwell - Skylight
Fiona Ross - That Moment
Clark Twain - Try Too Hard
Mickey 9s - Planet
The RPMs - Let Things Happen
Ishani - Dark Angel
The Neville Staple Band - Roadblock
Lyerr - Taking Over
The Neville Staple Band - Roadblock
Lyerr - Taking Over
Brass Phantoms - City Of Wolves
Who Killed Nancy Johnson - Dark Horse
The Blinders - Murder At The Ballet
The Pitchforks - Waste Of A Day
Himalayas - Thank God I’m Not You
Wylderness - Sunography
Hey Bulldog - Al Lupo
Katalina Kicks - Waterfall
Me Me Detroit - Get Down On With Me
The Jade assembly - Nothing Changes
The Kut - Mind Games
The Mutineers - Couldn’t Get Over You
True Dat - Sunshine
Hey Gigantic - Fools
Young Fathers - Holy Ghost