Tuesday 16 June 2015

White Boy

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If Marc Bolan and David Bowie had produced a bastard son to give their music a twist for future generations, then White Boy is the result. Although recently formed (frontman Joe Jones was previously with the much vaunted Janice Graham Band) they've produced 'Glitoris', an album of ten quality tracks that'll see them quickly rise to become firm favourites in their home city of Manchester (where they're already playing to sold-out venues) and beyond.

Ralph's already played the burgeoningly loud 'Kiss and Run' on his Radio KC show to much critical acclaim and the other nine tracks are no less glorious. The White Boy album is diverse in it's soundscape, all things to all listeners, from the almost disturbing start of lead track 'Mama' to the last note of the orchestral 'Star Child'. 

One of the real surprises is the cover of the (very) old David Essex single 'Rock On'. White Boy give it a fresh, cool direction with some clever use of horns and in your face vocalising.

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Off the back of a successful Isle of White Festival performance White Boy are playing an interesting gig soon in The Macbeth, London followed by a return to Night and Day in Manchester. It'll give them an excellent chance to show The Big Smoke and their growing army of hometown fans the quality of this album as a live set, with 'Bleach' and 'Kiss and Run' perfect for the ears of a live audience.

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