Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Hyena Kill

Ralph's not averse to rocking it out and there's few better rocking it out duos on the unsigned circuit than Manchester's Hyena Kill (Steven Dobb on vocal/guitars and Lorna Blundell on drums) who are crowdfunding part of the release of their debut album.

The idea behind the crowdfunding project on is to allow the fans to become involved and help them finish this debut album, which they've managed to fund themselves up to this point.

Hyena Kill have spent the last six months writing, recording and mixing the album, pouring their heart and souls into the project in order to give their fans the highest quality recording possible.

Donations will go towards the final steps of producing the album which include professional mastering and CD production along with original artwork. 

Plus 3% of funds raised will be donated by Hyena Kill to help The Christie Hospital in Manchester which is mainly involved in the treatment of cancer-related illnesses.

Hyena Kill have an amazing fanbase who they love and appreciate so have come up with some outstanding exclusives in return for pledges which can also be bundled together to create a unique and unforgettable package.

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