Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Pop Morrison

On April 8th Jamie Morrison (Stereophonics/Drewford Alabama/Noisettes) will be releasing 6 EPs under the Pop Morrison moniker. The aim of the project is to create a dialogue with fellow artists, fans and like-minded creative types. 

Once you get the EPs you are more than welcome to then use the music to remix, redo, use as is or just enjoy. 

All you have to do is tweet Jamie on Twitter via @PopMorrison using the words, "I wanna make a song #HOLLA" once that is done all Jamie asks is you tag him into any social media posts when promoting the track you've created. 

This is a very unique project with the closest comparison being Radiohead's TKOL1234567 project (and even that was only open to established producers).

The EPs all vary in sound and colour so there is plenty of room for individual thought and creativity, so if you want to know more - here's a short video from Pop Morrison to explain...

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