Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Madness and the Film

Madness and the Film aren't your typical band.  The duo, David Breeze from London and Caroline Gorman from New York City, formed in the summer of 2012 when David moved to New York.  He met Caroline through a mutual friend,  and "madness" ensued, which resulted in the subsequent 'Scrapbook' EP downloadable now on Itunes and the debut single release of 'London Town'.

cover-singleThere are a few different factors that might seemingly prohibit the pair from working together including the fact that David, 31 years old, is nearly double the age of Caroline, who is 16 and yet the two work effortlessly together, constantly spouting out new ideas.  Although they had only met a handful of times before deciding to form a definitive band, David and Caroline wrote more than 10 demos, which eventually had to be sliced down to 4 tracks for the EP.  Such is the dynamic between them the first track, entitled 'London Town' was written only 6 hours after first meeting one another.

It's a cleverly written, melodic alt/pop track with a great blend of harmonies and strong musicality.  Modern day alternatives to the Cocteau Twins and Everything But The Girl with a sprinkling of My Bloody Valentine for good measure.

While the music flowed seamlessly, some logistics and technical factors proved to be challenging.  In fact there was a time when the duo nearly packed it all in, as David’s American visa ran out and he was forced to pack his bags and return to London.  But due to belief in the band, Caroline and David pushed forward with Madness and the Film.  The EP was meticulously crafted, fleshed out and recorded at Raw Recording Studios in New York.  

Literally working an ocean apart after David’s return to London, the duo managed to collaborate on new songs as well as plan for the release of  the Madness and the Film debut EP.  Elements of pop, rock, indie and folk with an artistic edge are all infused in their music and image.  With the recently released EP and plenty more songs in the works, the duo is eager to garner a fan base and establish a net of support.  With musically and lyrically strong 'pop' tracks like 'London Town' it wont be long before we'll be seeing more from them on both sides of the Atlantic.

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