Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Actions

Normally Ralph only blogs unsigned UK Indie, but now and again some mainstream goodness drops in the kennel that peaks his interest and when 'Indefensible', the new EP by London based Alt/Rockers The Actions arrived it was time for some rule bending (Their first album 'Real' was licensed to Nikita Music, a Brazilian record label and released in Latin America).

Comprised of five tracks that range from the EP's dark and brooding eponymous 'Indefensible' to the light almost La Roux-esque synth pop vocal of lead track 'The Echo' (Ralph's giving that a spin on Radio KC this Sunday) with its inbuilt, choppy 80's pop guitar al la Haircut 100 and Marta's consistently impeccable vocals.

There's almost a 'Manchester bands' feel leading into 'Counting All Days' but the second track on the EP continues in an 'all things to all men' vein, drawing from different genres to make one complete whole as The Actions drift into dreampopiness.

By way of an update and in the good news vein is, as of December 9th 'The Echo' will be released as a single via Niteo Records and will include the original plus a bonus 5 remixes Should be interesting as the remixes cover Dub, Electro and most things in between!

'So Still' reaffirms the darker side of the band that previous track 'Indefensible' brought to the table, with an ethereal vocal sprinkled between some driving guitar with menacing drums and bass creating an almost psychedelic dreamscape.

The Actions change a gear slightly on the trip-hoppier instrumental fifth track 'Clouding Over Pt 1' and it's an almost prog rock concept album hat tilt which personally I love and have on repeat.

Check out their immaculate live performance of 'Indefensible' at London's Proud Camden - where Ralph recently held the Ralph's Life CD all-day charity gig...

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