Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Bordellos, you're really nothing cover artRalph's always got a soft spot for bands from the North West of England, especially when they're close to the kennel. So when he heard St Helens Band The Bordellos had released a new LP called 'Will.I.Am You're Really Nothing' the ears pricked up and the juke box went on.

The Bordellos are the kind of quirky, lower than lo-fi band that John Peel would have featured and their current offerings, like the sultry 'Between Forget and Neglect' (think Morrissey on Prozac) leading in to the subtly funky 'Elastic Band Man' would probably have seen them playlisted on a regular basis.


Just as they've lulled you into a lo-fi groove, they hit you over the head with 'The Gospel According To Julian Cope' with its raunchy, dystopian guitar work. 'Moonface' slows the mood again before they go a bit Devo on your ass with the eccentric lead-in to 'My Dream Festival'.

The Bordello underground tape vol 2 cover art

Their eccentric musical ways continue with the contrast between the jangly 'Public Execution - Gangnam Style' and the almost soulful 'Straight Outta Southport'. That's followed up by a reflective; slightly countrified acoustic track 'The Sweetest Hangover', finishing off with the eponymous 'Will.I.Am You're Really Nothing' with its Manchester-esque stylings.

The Bordellos are Brian Shea - guitar/bass/vocals, Dan Shea - keyboards/guitar/drums/percussion/vocals, Ant Shea - percussion/harmonica/vocals and they're creating music for music lovers not the masses, making it available via the delightfully Indie Small Bear Records at only £5 with loads of extras including CD artwork by Phil Wilson of the legendary (and now reformed) Indie Popsters The June Brides.

I can pay them no finer compliment than spending this months Bonio allowance on the LP but in the meantime I'm putting on Ronco Revival Sound and the Small Bear Records compilation album - perks of the job!

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