Monday, 1 September 2014


Black FlowersWith the majority of unsigned bands pushing their music via the EP recently it's nice to see that a band has the confidence in their songwriting ability to produce a complete album of twelve tracks in order that the listener can get a real handle on their music.

London based, four-piece alt rockers Jingo have done just that with the release today of The Art Of Loving. Comprised of husband and wife Jack and Katie Buckett along with friends Chris Smith and Joe Reeves they've compiled some delightfully mean and moody music that highlights Katie's crystal clear vocals.

The album brings variety and individuality from Jingo as they metamorphosise from being a 'compared against' outfit, to being very much the masters of their own musical universe.  The Art Of Loving kicks of with the angsty, bass driven Black Flowers and it's the perfect vehicle for Katie and a strong contender for a single release.

The subtly understated Sky Punch wouldn't be out of place as a Bond Theme whilst the addictive When You Want Me has a wider appeal with its stick in your head lyric and stylish guitar work.

The aforementioned angsty bass is back in the lead in to Belong To You but it's a more uplifting track vocally underpinned by with a nicely 'choppy' guitar riff. 

The short and soulful The Art Of Loving takes you by surprise before leading you into the alt rockier Home and anthemic Blue Wail. Both tracks which showcase the consummate musicality of Jingo

More uplifting vocalising on the hopeful Before You Were Born which soars into a vocally more powerful and punchy Jaclyn and it's back to mean and moody for Jingo.

The smouldering 'Torch Singer' vocal by Katie on Same Without You gives it a mournful yet seductive feel which is offset by some almost  prog rock guitar work.

The album finishes off with the bouncier and mysteriously named 1Q84 and some choppy guitar that wouldn't be out of place in 1984 whilst the plaintive Don't Call It Love finishes the album in style with more powerfully understated vocals overlaid on stylish axe work.

Jingo are having an album launch party on the 17th of October in London's Cable Street Electric and you're all invited - but for now you can order The Art Of Loving from the Jingo Bandcamp page.

In the meantime here's the new video for 1Q84...

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