Tuesday 2 December 2014

Apple Rabbits

Ralph's played Apple Rabbits a couple of times now on his Radio KC Show and; inquisitive as ever, decided to dig further. It's the alter ego of London musician Jay Fisher whose musical pedigree can be traced back to the mid 80's, moving from electronic music to singer songwriter and releasing his first album back in 1990.

Following that he formed Canteen with Paul Castle and Doug Wolfsohn in '95, releasing a number of singles before parting ways. 2002 saw the birth of Apple Rabbits and Jay wrote two albums; King Of Anglia in 2008 and Kilburn State in 2009, both of which have been re-released.

Whilst Apple Rabbits could be referred to as a solo project, over the years a variety of fellow musicians have come and gone, all helping to create a more rounded soundscape.

The largely instrumental; some would say experimental, Kilburn State ranges from the haunting electronica of Aeroplane to the soul searching songwriting of I Could Not Care Less.

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Next year will see the release of a new; and as yet untitled, Apple Rabbits vinyl EP collection in May and I wait with much anticipation to see which direction it will take. 

One thing I do know, it will include the excellent collaboration with Kate Dimbleby on the moody You've Got To be Joking.

Kilburn State is currently available on free download and you can scan the code to gain access to the download site. Something I'd recommend you do immediately and without fear or hesitation!

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