Monday 1 December 2014

Elephant Memoirs

Ralph recently gave Gateshead Indie rockers Elephant Memoirs new single Mug a spin on his Radio KC Sunday Show and thought it'd be a good idea to take a look after some great feedback. 

Formed in 2013 by John Aspinall, Barry Drew and Carl Aspinall they've been working hard to create a catalogue of original material and successfully so in the case of Mug which kicks off with swirling guitar before thumping into a gritty vocal.

Elephant Memoirs have formed into a tight creative unit and are garnering no small amount of critical acclaim.

Likened to such luminaries as Biffy Clyro, Frank Turner, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Weezer the North East's Elephant Memoirs focus on a forceful guitar, bass and drum sound to to cover such diverse themes as love, prejudice, frustration and life in general. Similarities notwithstanding they're finding their own niche now.

In August of last year Elephant Memoirs hit the studios and recorded a four track demo which has gained airplay on radio stations worldwide. 

The tracks are accompanied by a selection of four original artworks by band member John.

More melodic than the likes of QOTSA their sound should see them acquire an ever increasing following both locally and beyond, especially with tracks like the punchy Dirt.

By far the strongest track of the four demos for me is was lyrically sound and melodically pleasing Champion Of The Universe.

Having individually been in several local bands previously, I'm certain as they work together and continue to develop their own sound they'll release more material and play gigs wider afield, acquiring a much wider fan-base. 

Definitely ones to watch.

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