Tuesday, 21 July 2015


The last time Ralph's keyboard vibrated as he listened to the sounds of London singer/songwriter Officer was when he was bringing news of his then forthcoming album Myriads whilst listening to Glass Ceiling which had just been released as a single back in March. 

Well the wait is over as the album is available now on pre-order prior to it's release on the 31st of July. One of the perks of having Ralph's Life is being in possesion of a physical copy right now and Officer gives us a thing of haunting lyrical and musical beauty.

From the first sonorifically plaintive notes of Laughing Rafters leading into the enormously captivating Glass Ceiling, Officer traps your heart and mind with thoughtful words and comforting melodies.  Having been lucky enough to have heard Glass Ceiling performed live recently it's comforting to know that he manages to convey much of the emotion of his on-stage vocal into this recording.

Officer brings tinges of all that was good in 80's pop bands like Peter Coyle's The Lotus Eaters in tracks like Can We Talk? and Act Of SurvivalOne Day is as lyrically heart-rending as The Waters is musically uplifting with Officer taking us on a roller coaster of emotions throughout Myriads.

There's no disappointments here as the quality of songwriting continues throughout Ambulance, DATV and Elisabeth

The highlight for me is the compelling, mightily pleasing and yet strangely disturbing My Darling Defibrillator which again I've seen Officer perform live, something you should try and achieve yourself. 

This inciteful album rounds off with the moody Burst and AFM and all I want to do is listen to it again.

It's quality and intensity is a tribute to the fans who helped make it possible through their crowdfunding efforts and to whom he pays tribute in the sleeve notes...

"Moved by this generosity and affirmation that my music was dear to the people who'd been coming to see me live as I wrote and trialled the songs."

"I have entitled the album Myriads to capture that sense of the myriads of people, kindnesses and acts of support I've been encouraged and empowered by, that have made the album possible to produce."

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