Wednesday, 26 August 2015


In a list of bands with opaque names Dublin outfit Cfit are certainly in the Top 10. Formed in the bedrooms and homemade studios of that fair city they've developed into a very assured group who; in their words, produce 'an ornate collection of woozy, bruised and meloncholy anthems'.

Following the release of debut album, Triage and three singles Cfit are releasing Throwaway Survival Machine, an album that kicks off with the delightfully dreamy, moodily meloncholic and absolutely anthemic Salvo which trips into the Dream Poppy Dust Silhouettes.

Don't Be Discouraged on the other hand starts like Public Service Broadcasting before the chant-like vocal and underlying addictive drum beat veer off into the late lamented Wolf Parade type territory. 

Whilst Cfit draw on various influences they're fusing them into their own very individual sound.

Apres Moi, La Deluge is evocative and haunting in the style of many a classic Blue Nile track and it's ably followed by the orchestral Toska and All That Is Solid Melts Into Air.

The Lack Of Shark and Vitamin C are baleful and brooding before Tell Me I'm Okay sees a return to their familiar and obviously well loved roots. Throwaway Survival Machine is more grown up than Triage as Cfit look to have found their rightful place in the musical firmament. Needless to say Ralph will be giving them a further spin on his Radio KC Indie Show.



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