Saturday, 15 August 2015

Puddles Pity Party

It's not often Ralph veers off the track from reviewing unsigned indie bands, however a recent road-trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to see Puddles Pity Party is as good an excuse as any to buck the often do you get the chance to see a seven foot clown that doesn't talk, has the voice of a proverbial angel, makes people laugh then cry then laugh again and likes dogs!

Now as anyone that is a regular visitor to Ralph's Life knows I don't do 10 out of 10's or so many star reviews...however...Puddles Pity Party at the Assembly Bosco tent is unequivocally a 10 out of 10 five star show.

He's as comfortable crooning as he is hammering out heavy metal classics and is the consumate entertainer with his ability to get the crowd onside and participating in the show from minute one and his cover of Lorde's Royals is an absolute triumph.

Puddles repeatedly celebrates audience members birthdays with hilarious results, he gets an audience member (yes - it was me and no - I won't show you the video) to take to the stage and sing Yesterday as he has a break to read the paper and eat a sandwich, he dresses another in the audience as a bottle of tequila before getting another to thrash out some mean air gutar.

It's entertainment Jim...but not as we know it as he shows his love for Kevin Costner with both poignancy and humour in bucketloads. Fortunately he distributes tissues for you to dry your tears of not only joy and laughter but pain and sorrow for this unrequited love.

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