Wednesday, 6 January 2016


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Every now and again Ralph likes to explore other genres outside his normal Indie comfort zone. On this occasion, it's the ever so slightly mysterious London hip-hop artist FƎRИO

Now I say hip-hop, but FƎRИO prides himself on having created his own musical genre, the self-styled ESH Music which is released on indie label Ai Recordings.

His latest release is the Skywalker EP which includes the funky and infectious, bhangra-esque infused track, Quatrains Freestyle

He seems to be currently making more of an impact on the American scene as the EP hit No. 4 on the US iTops Chart recently and has featured regularly on Radio KC.

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Butterfly Effect - Single, FƎRИO

His music career started at the tender age of seven and by fourteen had performed his first shows in Jamaica on some of the biggest sound systems like Bass Odyssey, Metro Media and Stone Love, which was originally built by the legendary Winston 'Wee Pow' Powell and now, using social media he's rapidly building himself a fiercely loyal fanbase

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