Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Living Dead Girl

Living Dead Girl

London duo Living Dead Girl are purveyors of dark poppy electronica conveyed through the musical talents of multi-instrumentalists Jonno Lloyd and Jessica English. 

Their self-styled sound, "combines a distinctive fusion of ethereal vocals, electronic rhythms and unique compelling instrumentation".

Both growing up in a creative atmosphere, Jessica was classically trained in piano and vocals, while Jonno took guitar into industrial rock groups such as Ventenner

The two would work together for the first time in 2014, finding common ground somewhere between trip-hop, rock and electronic music. 

This unlikely meeting of styles would lead to the creation of Living Dead Girl's dark yet accessible pop music, delivered with themes that move between fantastical escapism and pained reflection, leaving a classically haunting aftertaste.

Skylines cover art
The Living Dead Girl debut single Skylines is haunting, almost chilling with Jessica's other-worldly vocal a delight overlaid on off-world, doom-laden synths and percussion, similar in style to long-time Ralph's Life favourite Fiona Soe Paing.

Skylines dystopian soundscape enthrals the listener with its eerieness and it's accompanied by a similarly dark and almost disturbing video. Seek out Living Dead Girl if you dare...Ralph will be spinning them on his Radio KC Indie Show again very soon.

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