Thursday, 6 April 2017


Ralph's recently encountered the musical stylings of  Stocksnskins who are post punksters who seem to render poetry via electronic music. Ralph decided to have a quick word to find out.

Ralph: What is Stocksnskins then? 

Ade: "We're a duo with me on vocals and Rich on bass" - replied Ade (who's on vocals).

Ralph: "How do you fit in genre-wise?"

Ade: "We nod towards post punk electronica mixing lots of beats and bass with poetic spoken word and the odd rants. We formed in May 2016 in Bournemouth. and have been played on the Neil Lomax Teenage Kicks radio show a few times and supported Endea at Sound Circus, Bournemouth."

Ralph: "How are you developing things?"

Ade: "Firstly, massive thanks to Radio KC for featuring us on Track Of The Day and Ralph's Indie Show. 

We've played pub gigs and open mics in Bournemouth. Open mic nights are a great supportive platform for local artists to get noticed. Our vision for the future is to support local bands in and outside of Bournemouth and to try and play some bigger venues."

Ralph: "How can we become more acquainted with Stocksnkins?"

Ade: "Our music is on Soundcloud and our first EP Protective Environment was released in November 2016. We have also released Arthur, High Street Heaven and Boscombe By The Sea shortly after as singles. Our latest releases are Jimmy and Pop Is Dead, whilst the second EP Apologetic Hunters was released a while ago. Our third EP Medicated Ghost Towns was released at the end of last month and it's available now.

Ralph: "Any performances planned?"

Ade: "Our next gig will be at Cafe Reflections in Southampton. Date to be to be confirmed." 

With that we parted company, however you can hear the Stocksnskins single New Generation this Sunday on the Radio KC Indie Show if you tune in. It's a quirky electro Ian Dury-esque social commentary diatribe that sticks quite nicely in your head. Sorted.

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