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Tuesday, 4 July 2017


With experience often comes excellence and that's certainly the case with Sheffield duo of Jody Wildgoose and Rob Cohen who have come together; combining their individual experience, to create the excellent WildCohen, releasing their BloochyKoo album in the process.

The album; released on indie label Spoonjuice Records, is a psychedelic gem in the form of an old school concept album. 

“A lot of lyrics are about peace and enlightenment and love and coming together,” says Cohen. “It’s about Life, Love, Death and everything else cosmic.”


The WildCohen album ranges from the trippy country-style acoustics of Happy Times to the even trippier disco-tastic, electro fueled Jackson's Son which was the debut single from the album. 

They even throw in a bloozy vibe in the background of the title track BloochyKoo which revels in all it's psychedelic glory.

Such was Ralph's interest in the album he not only played Jackson's Son on the Radio KC Indie Show last Sunday, he also gave the lead track BloochyKoo a spin too.

BloochyKoo is available now via the WildCohen bandcamp page and can be downloaded via iTunes and Spotify.