Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Ralph's Indie Show REPLAY as played on Radio KC - 13.8.17

Ralph's Indie Show Replay

As played on Radio KC

Sunday 16th July 2017 from 5-7pm GMT

Internet Radio on rkc.noip.me

Played in 158 countries 

Worldwide on 2 satellites

Website: ralphslife.co.uk

Submissions: ralphslife@mail.com

Twitter: @fruitbatwalton



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The Wild Things - F.I.A.
Y-Key Operators - For You
Maker - Girl Quit Your Crying
Tijuana Bibles - Pariah
JUXTA - The Beautiful Ones
Follow No One - The Greatest Sin
Potent Whisper - Remember Love ft: Laura Lee
The Social Order - Satan's Circus
Antonio Lulic - False Positives
Best Girl Athlete - In Your Head
Benbo - Gravity Pulls Me Down
Living Dead Girl - Still Life
Frauds - Smooth
Glass Caves - Swim
Dicepeople - Strangelove
SKIES - Green
Girl Ray - Trouble
AUGUST •∆• - Chemical
RAYNE - Opportunity For Progress
Krrum - Get The Girl
SPINN - Notice Me
THE SOCIETY - Shed Your Tears
Adwaith - Femme
Just Drive - Crossfire

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