Monday, 17 February 2014


No Ralph's not joined the Jehovah's Witnesses and distributing their magazine Watchtower...but he is spreading the gospel of Liverpool band Watchtower who are planning on 2014 being their year following on from a successful 2013 gig-wise and the recent release of their single 'Under Your Thumb'.

Watchtower are Jack McAllister on Vocals and Guitar, Jack Sanders on Lead Guitar, Andrew Hawley on Drums and Sam Knott on Bass.

 Under Your Thumb by Watchtower

Their Alt/Psychadelia vibe (very much in the style of Scottish band The Merrylees) comes to the fore in 'Under Your Thumb' and even more so on the 'B' Side, 'Art Of Retribution'. Leaning on 60's influences (think shades of McCartney, Yardbirds and early Stones) they've produced a solid, contemporary, guitar based psychedelic sound.

 Art of Retribution by Watchtower UK

Gigs planned already include The Tiger Festival in Manchester.

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