Thursday, 15 January 2015


Fold - Press Photo - Wide
The flow of music into the kennel this week culminated in the forceful and yet funky double A side release by Leeds based trip-hoppers Fold

The two tracks use vocal samples backed by their slick groove fuelled beats to mesmerise the listener. it certanly worked on me when I played them on Radio KC.

Oil Powered Machine uses the powerful ecological messages from the ill-fated American journalist and political activist Michael Ruppert. As his diatribe builds so does the addictive hook of Fold's electronic musicality. 

It's backed by Detroit Red which draws on the political message of Malcolm X with a funked up a Stateside Stax feel, possibly due to Fold's Seth Mowshowitz's time in the New York music scene.

Fold are Kane Rattray (drums), Ben Walsh (bass), Seth Mowshowitz (samples, synths & guitar) and Josh Gardziel (guitar & projections) and they explore the natural rhythms of speech by using samples that also aim to bring to light subjects close to their own hearts and minds. 

Unlike most forms of downtempo music Fold play everything on stage live without a click track in order to preserve a natural sense of groove and unity. Probably a good reason to catch one of their gigs!

Tue 27 Jan 2015Brudenell Social Club Leeds              Tickets

Sat 28 Mar 2015Puzzle Hall Inn Sowerby Bridge         Tickets

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