Monday, 23 February 2015

Keystone Crowdfunder for an Independent Arts, Food and Drink Festival in Manchester

Now as Ralph's been known to say (more than several times) it's not just about the music when it comes to being independent...however here's a crowdfunder in Manchester that's not only about the music, but also food, drink and the arts...what's not to like!

Ralph's even had a two hour special on Radio KC to help promote the crowdfunder featuring 34 tracks by Manchester bands which you can listen back to by clicking on THIS LINK...


Keystone (the brainchild of Blackjack BreweryShebeen Events and GRUB) is intended to be a flexible events space designed to support Manchester's best independent music, comedy and arts promoters while providing all of our visitors with top quality food and drinks provided by innovative operators.


The venue, housed in a Green Quarter railway arch, is designed to accommodate both large and small scale events as wide, varied and inclusive as…

  • An array of live music gigs
  • Monthly street food market
  • Community meetings
  • Conferences
  • Film screenings
  • Supper clubs
  • Theatre productions
  • Cosy acoustic gigs
  • Art exhibitions
  • Any other events the community or local Manchester artists want to make happen. 

Keystone hope to attract a wide array of different people to the venue so we will be making every effort to make the venue and their events as inclusive as possible.

Embedded image permalinkThey are also looking to have a positive impact as the focal point of the local community, hence the name Keystone.  They will seek to engage with their neighbours, both residential and businesses, to support them to develop the Green Quarter.

Embedded image permalinkNot only this but they want to support the diversity of the wider Manchester community.  In a time when cities are struggling to retain a notable identity Keystone want to support independent artists and businesses so they can push back on the supermarkets, the chains, the faceless mega businesses.  

Embedded image permalinkKeystone want to provide an environment where those fiercely independent creatives can truly flourish spawning a new wave of Manchester entrepreneurs allowing everyone to choose not to line the pockets of tax avoiding big business.

So if you're a fan of indie-pendents please help this crowdfunder to its goal of £11,000 by pledging what you can right here...and if you need further info click here to go to the crowdfunder page.

This project will only be funded if at least £11,000 is pledged by .


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