Monday, 16 February 2015


So I'm watching the start of the new video from Officer for his single The Waters (a pre-cursor to his Myriads album) and thinking amiable electronica, when all of a sudden it bursts into up-beat Alt-Rock-esque swathed in an almost 80's New Wave back beat. It's made all the more lovely by Officer's celtic edged vocal and an atmospheric video that carries you along on a tide of musical goodness.

The Myriads album has a lot to live up to as The Waters has a well crafted, insightful soundscape, but I'm more than certain it will be carried on through the remaining eleven tracks for which I can't wait!

The single has been played on Ralph's Indie Show on Radio KC already and to a fair amount of critical acclaim. That and the fact it's not been off the kennel's juke box for the last two weeks.

The man himself describes Myriads as - "A beautiful twelve-limbed beast" - which was produced by the hugely talented Mr Daniel Peterson (check out his Strawberry Blonde EP) and co-produced by Officer.

The album's cover is the creation of London based painter Ben Jamie with whom Officer collaborated to produce a suitably juxtaposed  artwork.

Officer and Dan Peterson
Officer goes on to confide - "The experience of making the record has been one where more than anything I have been really inspired by and repeatedly made aware as to how many incredible buddies I have who happen to be immensely talented and who therefore have played various key roles in me realising the album and sound I have always been single-mindedly pursuing." 

"It’s a rare thing for me to come away from studio time feeling fulfilled with the results, but with Myriads that’s exactly where my head and heart have now found their rest." He goes on to thank - "My family, friends, fans, musicians, backers who have stuck with me and made it possible for me to persevere and eventually get to this sublime wide open musical landscape heard on Myriads."

You can buy The Waters by clicking HERE

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