Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Lost Embers

The Borders of Winter -Signed and Personalized CDRalph's been checking out Cardiff singer songwriter Lost Embers as his album The Borders Of Winter is due for worldwide release on April 27th.

Having played guitar and written music since an early age, playing in a number of bands around the Welsh valleys, the next logical step was to perform as a solo artist so Lost Embers was formed in 2013. Since then songs have been written and recorded with important thought to location and space. These recordings gave way to the first full length album The Borders of Winter. 

The Borders of Winter, recorded by Lost Embers in a farmhouse overlooking a church in Cowbridge over the period of September 2014 to January 2015, is a primarily acoustic album with inflections of heavy rock, folk and even dance. 

It's a record which offers up homage to the indie rock albums of R.E.M. and the ambience of Draco Rosa

Thematically, The Borders of Winter crosses borders life, love, birth, death and existence, as the title suggests, and was written at a time of change, development and renewal outside of the music. All of which contribute to an album by Lost Embers which is chilled, acoustic, rocking, mellow and thought provoking in equal amount.

Having listened to some of the tracks from this delightfully lo-fi album it gives a glimpse into how insightful and cultured a songwriter Lost Embers is as he takes us on the musical journey through his thoughts and feelings.

He's currently using Pledgemusic to fund it and you can pre-order The Borders Of Winter from THIS LINK.

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