Thursday, 5 March 2015

Outside Your House

EP cover The Ones That Left Town
Now it's no secret that despite the volume of US rappers knocking at the kennel door, Ralph has no great love of hippety hop - however - the self styled 'Barely Rappers' Outside Your House bring a quirky lo-fi feel to the table in a crossover stylee between Ceiling Demons, To Have Is To Hold and a snippet of Snippet.

The release of The Ones That Left Town EP by duo Outside Your House is the proverbial breath of fresh air in what can be an extremely stale musical genre. 

Ralph's giving one of the tracks a spin on Radio KC next Sunday.

Photos Out There from the EP is spoken word overlaid with a melodious lo-fi soundscape, mixing a hint of Bhangra with an almost Brit Pop feel. It's the first of six interesting tracks and each hold their own individual appeal.

Fading Out (Like The Picture On My Work ID) has a psychedelic 60's flavour with a splurge of Jarvis Cocker whilst Improbable Cities leans on a more recognisable hip-hop style but with a quirky electronica background. Top work by the Outside Your House duo.

Blood In The Laundry continues in that vein with a quintessentially British vocal over an almost disturbing electro track giving them an up to date Scaffold feel.

Dennis Taylor Style and Forks finish off this unique offering with clever lyrics (choking on a home-made ciabata) crossing Sparks with Public Service Broadcasting in both an unsettling and yet fulfilling way.

Hailing from Durham, Outside Your House are folk singing, spoken word rapper Faithful Johaness and sweet-singing sampler and musician Jonathan Swift. Together they strive to be one of a kind, and are succeeding with no small amount of aplomb. Definetely ones to watch.

'It's rap Jim - but not as we know it!'

Grab your copy of the EP from this link!

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