Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Bloch Eyot

The story of Danish born but UK living Nikolaj Bloch who now performs under the pseudonym of Bloch Eyot is as strange and tangential as it is fascinating and absorbing. It leads us to his current incarnation which he describes as, "A new musical journey."

Born in Denmark, his mother taught him Danish political folk songs on guitar from the age of 6. he then trained in classical piano at college, and when he left school he joined a touring blues band.

In his eary twenties he scrapped plans of studying musical therapy, upped sticks and left for London. A year later he formed the band Subcircus and went on to sign his first record deal. That was his musical focus for the ensuing six years.

Now for the tangential part as Nikolaj's journey has been as disparate as it is compelling. From touring the world with an indie band to ghost-writing in Hollywood. Writing with the late Rick Wright of Pink Floyd and Squeeze mainstay Chris Difford to running a studio in the Lebanese mountains. Last but certainly not least, he's performed with Feeder on Top Of The Pops as well as being on the review panel at the influential Sound on Sound magazine.

Photo Steve Brown
Therefore it's no surprise that his debut album as Bloch Eyot has received no small amount of critical acclaim ranging from sounding like Cat Stevens, Johnny Cash, Elliot Smith, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen to evoking the mystique of Scandanavian folklore and fairy-tales.

Magic Folkgrass is a fascinating, eclectic and addictive collection, ranging from the Neil Young-esque Long Highway to the beautifully crafted simplicity of Night Train that bears no comparison.

Nikolaj is currently touring as Bloch Eyot but as you'd expect from the man, it's with a difference. He's abandoned the traditional clubs and venues and is almost exclusively performing private house and boat concerts where you invite the audience and Bloch Eyot provides a unique evening of musical raconteuring.

He's currently working on a schedule for the whole year and in March will be in Denmark performing as Bloch Eyot. Nikolaj is currently organising his schedule for the rest of 2016 if you fancy getting on board with him.

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