Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Roman Nose

The last time Ralph checked out Roman Nose and gave them a spin on the Radio KC Indie Show was back when they did a collaboration with SAMA Best Electro winner Plum. They've been quiet of late, but I can assure you they're back with a bang in the form of the excellent new Jacked Up On Mercy EP to be released on Monday 28th March. The EP will be out on the band's own label Badly Built Records and will be available as a download.

It kicks off with the hugely atmospheric and massively addictive Bloodstains which will be getting a spin on Ralph's Indie Show Sunday 3rd April. 

The year and a half hiatus Roman Nose have had has paid off big time as they've come back with a more egalitarian sound whilst holding firm to their full-on, bass-rich and deliciously dark electro roots.

Agoraphobic is a burgeoning beast of a track which should prove to be an absolute favourite live on their up-coming UK and European tour. Third track in Black Pope is probably as 'commercial' as Roman Nose are ever likely to get. 

It's lighter almost synth-popesque to kick off with before getting bass-heavy and will probably prove to be the most radio-friendly track on the EP. 

Final track Solid Gold is exactly that as it aggressively attacks your aural synapses with the musical equivelant of a baseball bat. Performed live in the usual Roman Nose style it'll be a killer and if you're at Brew At The Bog in Inverness on June 4th, you'll get a chance to see and hear them in the flesh.

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