Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Since Ralph last checked out Kidsmoke last year they released the immaculate Cut Yourself Loose which has racked up over 20,000 plays on Soundcloud, Spotify and other sources. Now, the Welsh Indie-Pop outfit have announced Heartache as their second single of 2016. Recorded by Ben Trow and mixed by Darren Lawson.

Described as having "Ethereal vocals and delicate guitars float over a hypnotic bass and drum template on new single Heartache. Combining heavy rhythms and compulsive hooks in equal measure". All this makes for yet another enduring Kidsmoke release.

Heartache will be looking to take the interest that the band garnered with Cut Yourself Loose and build upon it. 

Sounding like a more rounded version of Beach Fossils with Heartache they're now producing consistently stronger, radio-friendly Indie-Pop songs and increasingly in their own stylee.

The artwork for the two singles was designed specifically by local artist Mike Payne for Kidsmoke. After being given the two tracks to listen to he ran with his ideas. A theme of night and day emerged from his depiction of them, the perfection summation of the different feels and influences the tracks gave him.

Heartache will be available physically as part of a limited edition run on 8th of April. As well as including Cut Yourself Loose as a b-side, the release will also include some hand-written lyrics. The CD is available to pre-order and will also be available at the band’s upcoming shows. Ralph is playing it on his Radio KC Indie Show this Sunday (6th April).

Kidsmoke will be playing the following live dates, these are the first set of shows that have been announced for 2016.

There will be more to come but the dates booked so far are as follows...

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