Monday, 22 August 2016

The Bordellos

Gary Glitter e.p. cover art
With Ralph's Get On The Wall event for Musicians Against Homelessness in Zoo Bar St Helens coming up on September 17th it seems only sensible to check out some of the bands and artists playing at the all-day celebration of local music to raise funds and awareness for the homelessness charity Crisis UK.

Timeously in that respect then that The Bordellos have released; via Small Bear Records, their latest EP Gary Glitter. It kicks off in fine dystopian, post-punk style with the almost uncomfortable title track, Gary Glitter. Musically it slots in between The Fall's Mr Pharmacist and Joy Division's Transmission and I'm certain Uncle John Peel would have approved.

Top track for me is Attack Of The Killer B-Sides which thrashes it's way into the inner depths of your brain and stays there pounding away. That's followed by the much lighter Free Download Generation taking a Dylanesque (Bob that is not Thomas) satirical look at the travails of today's unsigned musical scene. Final track Disco Pants is just plain strange, but that's no bad thing.

So if you're in St Helens on September 17th grab a ticket for Ralph's All-Dayer for Musicians Against Homelessness and join The Bordellos along with a stellar line-up of bands over 12 hours.

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