Saturday, 27 August 2016

Black Nevada - Video Of The Week

Broken is the first release from the new EP Fragments and it sees Jonny Moor (Bass guitar) and Sarah Davies (Drums) bring their influences to the forefront of the Black Nevada style. The dirty gritty baselines and clinical drumming precision spreads their technical ability throughout the whole band taken to the next level.

The song itself is a definitive description of modern world issues, highlighting the crumbling communities and neighborhoods that have become broken and fragmented ghosts of previous existences which are spiraling into chaos and anarchy. The heavy bass lines are reflective of the angst and anger apparent in the tense volatile modern day struggles that we face today. 


Where is the love?
This ain't a broken place
You're selling your soul
To fall to your grave(grave)
You're to blame (blame)
You're to blame

Take me to the part where we all fall down
Show it to the world then throw me to the ground
You'll take, you'll break what's ours
We ain't staying down, we ain't gonna drown
You're living a death wish to look for an exit 
You're feeling your own pain to look for your own grave
You'll take, you'll break what's ours 

Show your face
You make me sick
You hide your name
But you're taking all the fame
I see you on the screens
And hang my head in hate
Feeling for the ones
Who will taste your gun and blade
You make me sick
You make me, sick



Video Credits

Camera : Warren Speed, Jamie Huntley, Shinji Ly. 
Lights : Davy Morgan. 
Editing : Warren Speed.

Music Credits
Freddie Goli-
(Recording,Mixing &Mastering)

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