Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Artbreak write and record their music, create their videos and draw up their artwork from their South London base in Brixton.

All their music is available on Spotify and free to download on Soundcloud

The band, who don't believe in LPs or EPs, release a single every few weeks with five available so far and the latest being Polaroids In Paris.

Artbreak formed the day after Brexit was announced and view 2016 is a game of two halves - "when the chips are down socially then the stakes have to be raised artistically" - says vocalist Cole Salewicz. In line with his vision, the band's music is varied, concrete and always original. 

Polaroids in Paris captures a lost weekend en Francais, a love story and an ode to jangly indie anthems that have shaped so many relationships and memories. Where better to capture the novelty of a new romance?

They excel at writing radio-friendly songs and in that vein Polaroids in Paris is an eminently listenable Alt Pop song in an Orange Juice meets Franz Ferdinand-esque fashion. Needless to say Ralph is giving it a spin soon on the Radio KC Indie Show.

Artbreak are: Cole Salewicz, Tom Williams, Josh Miles, Benjy Miles and Kayleigh Cheer and November sees them headlining their biggest show to date at Birthdays in Dalston for Scruff of The Neck Records

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