Thursday, 17 November 2016

One Day Elliott

One Day Elliott are a melodic rock band from Kent in England’s south east who draw from a broad repertoire of influences. 

The One Day Elliott soundscape is best described as a collection of massive, poppy choruses, enriched with thick vocal harmonies, mixed with a diverse blend of guitar-based genres; incorporating elements of classic rock, metal, punk and anything else to which they may be listening at the time.

One Day Elliott love writing and performing music, and the plan for the future is continue to do just that. To date they've toured the US and played in the UK alongside the likes of Feeder, Ash and The Fall as well as selling over 15,000 albums.

Currently, in partnership with Engineer Records, they are set to release their new EP Triple A-Side on November 19th.

By way of a taster we've got 100 Voices on the blog for your delectation. It's a soaring anthem with hat-tips to many of their influences contained to drink (loads of) beer by.

Ralph's giving it a spin on this Sunday's (20th November) Radio KC Indie Show.

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