Wednesday, 30 November 2016

One Eyed Wayne

It's been a couple of years since One Eyed Wayne first graced the hallowed pages of Ralph's Life with a review of their then newly released single After The Break

Well the good news is that the track features on the shiny new One Eyed Wayne album Attack Of The Luxury Flats.

It's 10 tracks of pure punky feelgoodness a la Blockheads with a bit of Wreckless Eric and a bit more of that UK Subs vibe that graces After The Break.

They recorded and released the album completely independently with 50p of downloads and £1 of CD sales in December going to The Joe Strummer Foundation.

In this time of fresh faced young 'guitarpop' bands One Eyed Wayne make a refreshing retro change with their bouncy, sing-along Streetcore-esque tunes delivered with no small amount of Hornsey swagger. Just what you'd expect from a band that have been around the musical block a few times.

Needless to say we'll be playing a track or two on the Radio KC Indie Show.

Steve Donoghue- Vocals & Guitar
Pat Joslin – Mandolin & Keys
Donny Donads – Bass
Dean Leggett – Drums and Percussion

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