Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Rob Jarvis and The Mercury Sons

Essex based Alt Rockers Rob Jarvis and The Mercury Sons are due to release their debut single Just To Make You Happy on the 17th of February. It's already had its first radio play on the Kerrang Fresh Blood Show and needless to say Ralph will be giving it a pre-release spin on his Radio KC Indie Show soon.

I'm pretty certain they'll also be playing it at their first ever live gig in Think Tank? Underground, Newcastle this Saturday.

Rob Jarvis and The Mercury Sons cite a vast amount of musical influences ranging from Stone Temple Pilots and Alice in Chains through to Foo Fighters and one of Ralph's favourites, Biffy Clyro. These influences certainly make themselves felt on this first rendering from the band.

Just To Make You Happy showcases frontman Rob's ability as a songwriter. It's a strong rocking it out track that highlights his passion and skill in bringing light and shade to a track. 

Whilst he tips his hat to his influences in Just To Make You Happy he most definitely makes his own unique mark.

Image may contain: textAs Rob said:

"Our debut release hasn't been shown to a great deal of people, but those who've encountered it during the 'making of' stages have made reference to all kinds of bands, certainly lots of references to 90's rock, so I hope you all like it!"

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