Tuesday, 17 January 2017

They Called Him Zone

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It's nearly a year since Ralph played the lead track Miami from the eponymous debut EP by Bradford's dark and mysterious electro-pop outfit They Called Him Zone on his Radio KC Indie Show.

OK, OK, they're not that mysterious as I can tell you the band are - Mik Davies on Vocals, Drone and Production, Steve Maloney on Vocals, Guitar and Production plus John Bradford on Keys and percussion when playing live.

The good news is that They Called Him Zone have a mini album on the way (Out on February 20th) and as an introduction are releasing tracks Waste You and Devil Dying by way of a taster.

No automatic alt text available.What can the world expect from their latest offering I hear you ask? 

Well, they describe Crow Swan Wolf as...

"haunting, atmospheric, sexy, driving, psychedelic, gothic, dark-wave/ new-wave mayhem which casts shadows and blows tobacco smoke across an amber lit dystopian skyline".

"Somewhere between a blood-thirsty vampire driving a convertible in Miami and a Berlin cabaret bar. Darker than a graveyard at midnight. Mashed up guitars, synths, electro beats and infectious melodies".

No automatic alt text available.The tracks are available from their Bandcamp page on a 'pay-as-you-like' basis and are an excellent lead into the synth infused, bass-heavy world of They Called Him ZoneJust Fall blends a bouncy electro-pop soundscape with gloomy vocal to great effect and Devil Dying is just as enticing with a mean and moody percussive backbone drawing together a slightly lighter, very radio-friendly 'Euro-Pop' track.

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