Wednesday 18 October 2017

Ralph's Indie Show Replay - as played on Radio KC - 15.10.17

Ralph's Indie Show Replay

As played on Radio KC

Sunday 15th October from 5-7pm GMT

Internet Radio on

Played in 161 countries 

Worldwide on 2 satellites



Twitter: @fruitbatwalton



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The Nickajack Men - Can't Take It Anymore
Speak, Brother - Magnificent
HVMM - Lacerate
Katalina Kicks - We Don't Care
Gutterflower - Inked Meat
Loka - Herculaneum Rock
The Assist - Give It To Me
Cavalry - Heresy
The Jade Assembly - Got My Star
White Room - Cable-Built Dreamland
Skellums - Cast Of Characters
Carousel Clouds - Always Talking
Nine Tons - As Soon As They Come To Find Me
ist ist - Right Before Your Eyes
Anna Tosh - Edge Of Cool
Tiger Lilly - Broken Glass
Bryony Sier - Babylon
Jake Aldridge - Numb ft: Kelly Jenns
Benjamin Yellowitz - Erase You
Bugeye - Wake Up
Ded Rabbit - Pressure Pusher
Restless Natives - Moving On
Jack Perrett - In The Morning
Johnno Casson aka Snippet- Human Good
WHY - Repair The Breach

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