Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Ralph's Indie Show REPLAY - as played on Radio KC - 17.12.17

Ralph's Indie Show Replay

As played on Radio KC

Sunday 10th December from 5-7pm GMT

Internet Radio on rkc.noip.me

Played in 162 countries 

Worldwide on 2 satellites

Website: ralphslife.co.uk

Submissions: ralphslife@mail.com

Twitter: @fruitbatwalton



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Silent Descent - Vortex ft. Bjorn 'Speed' Strid of Soilwork
Healthy Junkies - I Can't Stand Anyone
Pussy Liquor - Get Out
FREAK - No Money
Seazoo - Dig
Duke Of Wolves - Without A Name
Mahalia - No Pressure prod. Maths Time Joy
GRIP TIGHT - Pushin'
Clockwork Noise - Genetic Scars
Umbrella Assassins - That's It
VITO - Get It And Go
Oskar Braves - Burned
Brain Ape - Respect Your Icons
PUKK - Rank Amateur
Jaayns - Wild
Burning Astronomers - Lunar Chick To Mission Control
The Pitchforks - Afflictions
Ghostly Beard - High Expectations
SubClass - Peter Lorre
Moderate Rebels - Kether
The Black Lamps - Smoking Party
Mt. Doubt - Tourists
Will Homewood - Weight Of Us
The Deadbeat Apostles - Badfoot
Equinox ft: Nat Lyon - Mule

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