Friday, 12 October 2012

Bent Cousin.....Shiny, bright young things.....

Twins Amelia and Pat aka Bent Cousin are hitting the studios.....hooray say I, coz I can't wait for the Cuz to give us more of the musical niceness they're producing!  

Having watched them from a distance (OK not like a stalker) these last couple of months I've watched them grow in musical confidence and they're now putting out tunes worthy of some heavy airplay.

To prove the improving point.....first up is 'Dizzy'.....a nice enough little pop tune that makes me think of The Cure but with a female vocalist.....endorsing the 'cutecore' tag they've acquired or as I like to refer to them.....shiny bright young things.

Next up comes the cleverly lyrical 'I Think I Like Your Girlfriend More Than You'.  It's a catchy, snazzy acoustic guitar driven track with Amelia's vocals very much the star of the show.  Mellow and perfect for the evidenced by Ralph's favourite Auntie BeeB presenter Tom Robinson giving them some airtime on his BBC Radio 6 show.

Now 'F.O.R.G.E.T.' is very much of a coming of age for the dynamic duo with it's choppy Orange Juice - esque guitar intro (Uncle Edwyn's influence rubbing off) and quirky lyric will be a guaranteed get up and get down on the dance floor winner.  They're infectious, make sure you catch them!  I hope to have news of 
some dates for you soon.....

Photo: Word.

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