Thursday, 11 October 2012

Silver Arm.....New Single - 'Dead Tongues'

On the back of the success of their first two singles released last year Silver Arm have released a third today, 'Dead Tongues'.  Their previous two singles received air time from BBC Radio 6's Steve Lamacq and he dubbed them as one of the discoveries of 2012.  

It's been released through Computer Finger Records and recorded by Rory Attwell at the Lightship95 
studios favoured by another 
of Ralph's favourites PAWS.

Their first single 'Hippies' brought comments like - 'Melding noise rock, post punk and psychedelia, 
Silver Arm bring an unhinged noise of savage proportions, stripped of all fat and as direct as a dancing pink laser wasp sting to the eyeball'.....OK now needless to say I didn't write that as it has big words in it, however you only have to listen to 'Hippies' to catch undertones of P.I.L. and Spear of Destiny.

'Silver Arm’s music explores the darkest hinterlands: the ill winds that drift through the backwaters and copses of England; the insane monks that rise from the dead to bring darkness to the living; the lost walkers wandering crazed across sun-blasted moors; the desperate victims of mobs; the roadside shipwrecks; the grinning, insane morning drinkers and their mothers'.....yup you guessed it, I didn't write that either, but this time 'Man The Falcons borrows it's bones from the ghost of Alex Harvey and SAHB, the real godfather of Punk.  The screeching vocals and driving guitar make it a compelling listen.

Featuring an ex-member of the Mercury Prize nominated MAPS, Silver Arm is Ben Brown on drums, Jon Brown on bass, Leon Forde on guitar and Gareth Hughes on vocals. 

Steve LamacqNow Playing @6MusicTheir latest release follows the success of the first two singles picked up by 6 Music, being played by Steve Lamacq and Ralph's favourite Tom Robinson. 

'Dead Tongues' is available to download on iTunes from March 29.  The track builds on the strengths of the previous releases and  will surely gain as much, if not more airtime than their previous singles.

It's a punchier, heavier  track than the moody 'Man The Falcons' and should keep them to forefront of  current Indie Alt Rock bands.  Given it's only a couple of minutes long the good news is there's more to come with the release of an album later this year.

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