Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Charlotte Carpenter

OK so you're a young female singer/songwriter with a guitar and you want to make it as an artist, what do you do?  Well you can either go on The X Factor and sell your soul to the devil or do what the lovely Charlotte Carpenter has done.....write some great songs, record an EP,  film a video of a great track and do some live shows.

Charlotte Carpenter is an accomplished guitarist which, accompanied by her sharp lyrics and velvet vocals on display in the video of the track 'Love Songs' makes her more current than any X Factor wannabe.

'Love Songs' is an incredibly catchy, singalong tune which has to be destined for radio airtime and shows great musicality in her youthful and current take on pop music.

Now I'm not going to reveal too much of the EP here, you're going to have to go and buy it for yourself and believe me it's worth every penny of your hard earned beer tokens!  

Hot off the press.....new tour dates.....


  1. Veldig fin blogg og innlegg er svært ultimate. Takk for shaing med oss alle

    snekker moss

  2. Det er en glede og takk for dine fine ord

    Ralph x