Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Cottonettes.....

The Cottonettes are from The Surrey/Hampshire borders and formed in February 2012. Likened in style to The Jam, The Clash and The Vaccines by some or The Chameleons and House of Love by others with maybe a hint of Sham 69 and John Ottway chucked in for good measure. 

The Cottonettes are..... Ben Madle, Josh Young and Marty Dixon 

Over the course of many years Ben had written many songs, usually about his travels around Europe and encounters with different characters. During this time he would see many new bands come and go until he decided that the songs he had penned were actually pretty good and there was no reason his songs couldn't be just as popular. So he sought out some musicians to join his band.

Ben and Josh had known each other for 10 years through the local music scene and occasionally had casual chats about starting a band since they were 17. Only this time it actually happened. Following Josh’s New Year's resolution to do something interesting in 2012 he decided to take Ben’s New Year approach with great enthusiasm. After hearing some rough recordings of Ben’s songs Josh saw the potential and shared Ben’s belief in his music and immediately signed up as the band’s bassist. 

After rattling through a few songs over the following weeks it was time to find a drummer.  Enter Marty who describes himself as a 28 year old eligible bachelor whose drumming has been described as 'genius' and his musical influences include Dive Dive, and Ben Folds Five.

Josh is the bassist and first started playing in bands back in 2003-2006 most noticeably in a band called In The Dark. He is a follower of fashion and is known for his 'interesting' style. His main musical influences come from bands like The Cure, Biffy Clyro and Bloc Party.

Ben is the guitarist, singer and main songwriter.  Much like Josh he played in bands back in the same era, notably a band called Sucka. His musical influences range from people like Graham Coxon, The Clash, and The Jam.

Josh knew Marty since their college days and had also attempted to start bands with Marty. He had just a month before left the Royal Navy and he was the obvious choice as a drummer. Marty enjoyed the songs and loved being behind the drum kit thus The Cottonettes were born.

Since that first practice they have written a set of energetic catchy pop flavoured punk/rock songs, which they energetically tear through at some of the most well known venues in the UK. 

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