Saturday, 13 July 2013

Snippet aka Johnno Casson

DIY cover art
Snippet aka Johnno Casson is the quintessential English musician.  Prolific, diverse, entertaining, clever, wistful and whimsical (no more so on his recently released mini-album 'DIY' and the track 'Let's Talk About Us' on which he comments on his winkle - and he isn't introducing us to his pet mollusc Brian).  It's a track Ralph's had on constant replay ever since he featured it on his Radio KC Sunday Show a couple of weeks back, and which received much favourable feedback.

A Londoner now based in Colchester, Johnno is also known to many as the establish artist Snippet, a funky folky, wonky pop multi instrumentalist, who has delivered an extremely well received range of vibrant releases in the last few years in the shape of four well received EP's and a debut album ‘Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey’.  In the process he became most played artist in the history of BBC Introducing and was described by Q Magazine as - “reminiscent of early Beck."

It's a 12 track album and Johhno proves that he's all things to all listeners bringing you everything from funk (Let's Talk About Us) to electro (Come To My Party) and all in his own inimitable stylee.  There's a quirky little 22 second insert 'There's A Bear' between the two tracks that gives you an insight into the humour of the man.

Next track 'Absolutely Love' gives us a more laid back disco/funk feel and it's followed by another 20 second piece of quirky humor 'Hello Hello'.  This is followed by some of the aforementioned wistfulness with 'Gone To Ground' with it's shades of Bowie.

45 seconds of electronic quirk 'Memory Bot' lead us into 'Much To Much' which kicks in with a funky world music thrum overlaid with deft keyboards and laid back vocals.  It's an addictive track and one for the headphones on chilling in the garden.

'Absolutely Funk' is just that, a minute of funky instrumental, quickly followed by the almost Brit Pop-esque 'Celebration' (the next single maybe).  The album is rounded off with a short, subtle reprise of 'Let's Talk About Us' - lovely!

If you haven't already been introduced to his inimitable stylings then this is the perfect lead in...go and seek out his back catalogue or even better check him out live...I think you'll find he's one of the nicest blokes you'll ever meet...

Johnno is also a writer/team member of the Fresh On The Net Online Music Blog

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