Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Holy Orders

for the ears of dogs to comeNow if a band releases a debut album with the word dog in it then it's only to be expected that Ralph will sit up and pay attention.  That's exactly the case with the recent release by Hull Alt/Punk rockers The Holy Orders who've recently released 'For The Ears Of Dogs To Come' on Coal Shed Records.  Ralph's already played the debut single from the album 'Paper/Scissors/Stone' on his Radio KC Indie Mix show with some excellent feedback on Twitter.  Its blend of thrashing guitar and in your face vocal make it a dead cert crowd pleaser for their loud 'n' proud live gigs.

It's preceded on the album by the edgy almost prog rock Walk/Don't Walk.  The jangling guitar mixed with plaintive vocal brings an almost disturbing listen.  It's mean and moody and not for the faint-hearted listener.


The Holy Orders are made up of Matt Edible - vocals/guitar, Chris Marsay - guitar, Dave Coates - Bass and James Cooper on Drums.  Their influences are myriad but current listening pleasure includes Death Grips, The Flaming Lips, Panda Riot and The Posies.  They're a hard grafting band having supported the likes of Wild Beasts, The Thermals, Frank Turner and more.

Such has been the critical acclaim of the album that Tom Robinson featured a live set from The Holy Orders to coincide with its release.  Tom's been a long time fan of the band  since hearing the track 'Deviants' back in 2010 saying - "Just when you've had it with Strokes/Interpol/Editors soundalikes along come The Holy Orders and restore your faith in indie guitar music"

The majority of the album sees The Holy Orders stay close to their Alt/Punk roots and avoid the temptation to cleave to the commercial in order to obtain popularity.  Their fans will love the album and with the airplay and press it's been receiving they'll develop a wider fanbase in the coming months.  Tracks like 'Somewhere In This World' hark back to the likes of 'Faith Healer' by the real godfather of punk Alex Harvey, with its almost forced, spoken vocal and punchy Zal Cleminson-esque guitar, no bad thing!

August 2013
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