Monday, 17 March 2014

Hector Bizerk

It's just over a year since Ralph did a fascinating Q & A with Louie of Hector Bizerk and a lot's happened in the interim including Audrey being nominated in Hit Like A Girl, winning Best Hip Hop in the Scottish Alternative Music Awards and jetting off to debut in New York!

The Glaswegian duo have an insatiable desire to explore the creative possibilities conjured up by their intrinsic drum and rap combo.  Hector Bizerk has a knack of finding a balance between densely literate, social comment and thunderous festival anthem. Their music making ethos has gained some significant fans ranging from the likes of Jurassic5, Grandmaster Flash and Alt-J.  Their unique take on hip-hop culture has been welcomed as a force of nature on the UK and Irish festival circuit. 2013 was a year of milestones with Hector Bizerk playing over 100 shows and self-releasing their critically acclaimed album Nobody Seen Nothing.

With regard to Hit Like A Girl, the winner is announced on April 4th when they're in New York.  Audrey has already achieved so much by being selected from thousands of entrants to go straight into the final.  It'll be judged by a panel of judges so she doesn't have to rely on votes. She's the only Scottish drummer ever to get to the Top Ten in the competition so it's already a great achievement. 

What better track to demonstrate Louie's intense hip hop style and Audrey's drumming than 'Orchestrate'...

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