Thursday, 20 March 2014


Stoke band Moscow return with their second release, the Pack Animals EP. Following on from 2013’s well-received Hell Fire EP, Pack Animals maintains the same gritty, post-punk direction but this time mixing it with a heavier, raucous edge and with lead track 'Pack Animals' weighs in as a heavier version of Killing Joke.

Standout for me is 'Pack Animals' with shades of the aforementioned Killing Joke overlaid with Talk Talk and it's nicely anthemic with its infectious drums, thrashing guitar and staccato can hear it on Ralph's Indie Show this Sunday on Radio KC.

'Out Of Time' follows on in slightly punkier style, choppy guitar backed by solid drums...'Killing Hope' on the other hand is similar to the post punk sound of the likes of North East band The Futureheads but Moscow have very much made their own mark on it, my next favourite track.

If I was being uber critical 'Truth Vibration' ends up being a tad 'more of the same'...but nonetheless it's a hard driving track and I'm certain will be a stormer performed live...and speaking of which...

Moscow are playing Leeds Carpe Diem on March 29th, Manchester Dry Bar on April 26th, and Stoke Lymelight Festival on May 3rd. Further summer festivals dates are due to be announced in the near future.

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