Monday, 31 March 2014

The Sons

Ralph's played Derby band The Sons single 'Death Love Money' on his Radio KC Indie Show a couple of times so it's about time he took a listen to the recently released album 'Heading Into Land' funded by fans and friends. It's a well crafted slice of alt-folk which leans on a variety of musical styles.

Lead track 'Right Colour Makeup' is a perfect example of this as The Sons fuse Americana guitar stylings with slightly Alt-Pop vocals. The track released as a single 'Death Love Money' is even more entrenched in the Americana stylee, shades of The Eagles or the more contemporary Daughtry.

'Crowd Went Wild' on the other hand with it's infectious drum beat throughout is rockier has a more Indie feel and The Sons follow it with a jollier 'When I Want To' where they're showing shades of The Beatles in their influences. They've lost me a bit with 'I'm Not Happy' with its lightweight Caribbean stylee beat but beef it up on 'Relic' with a McCartney 'Maybe I'm Amazed' vibe to it.

  Heading Into Land by TheSonsTheBand

'On The Corner' is more Alt-Folk' with a gentle lyric and delightful musicality whilst on the following track 'Flash And Bang' they show their heavier side with some nasty base and staccato vocal.

'Hard Life' with its Country style lyric looses me again, a bit lightweight for me as is 'Down Sometimes' but these tracks by The Sons will be a hit live with their target audience (fans of Wilco will love them). Highlight of the album for me is the title track 'Heading Into Land' as it swings between a less gravelly Tom Waits style crossed with that of the inimitable Randy Newman.

They're in the process of booking more the meantime...

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