Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Ladykiller Caterpillar

Photo by r@ymond.biz
Formed in 2013 from various Scottish bands, Ladykiller Caterpillar have just released an eponymous EP which should see them take their place at the forefront of the burgeoning Scottish Indie scene. Jacob and Neil (bass and guitar) played in several bands together, mainly in Edinburgh. Jani (guitar) from Troon is also veteran of the Edinburgh scene with Raymond (drums) having started in Dundee then playing in many well known venues.

The fact that Ladykiller Caterpillar have a varied musical past has enabled them to come up with a collection of rock tracks that range from the hard hitting and memorable lead track 'Hey Mary' to the more whimsical 'All Legs, No Class' delivered in a Fat Goth stylee.  

They show their softer side with the delightful acoustic track 'Threadbare' whilst 'Eye Of The Storm' and 'Something Special' are firmly founded in the twin guitar bands of the past like Wishbone Ash.

Photo by r@ymond.biz
They're not quite as Scottish sounding as Biffy Clyro, not quite as heavy as Sucioperro but rockier than the bastard son of both Marmaduke Duke. They're the second of my three current favourite down and dirty Scottish rock bands and I can see 2014's initial success leading them onto bigger stages in 2015. In the meantime don't miss the chance to catch Ladykiller Caterpillar live at the following venues...

March 2014
THU27MARLadykiller CaterpillarFunky Mo and the Debt Collectors, The SaccharinesTeviot UndergroundEdinburgh, UKFind tickets
April 2014
FRI18APRLadykiller CaterpillarThe TunnelsAberdeen, UKFind tickets
May 2014
FRI09MAYLadykiller CaterpillaralibisSneaky Pete'sEdinburgh, UKFind tickets
June 2014
WED11JUNLadykiller CaterpillarFarewell SingaporeOpiumEdinburgh, UKFind tickets
August 2014
SAT02AUGLadykiller CaterpillarThe Pear TreeEdinburgh, UKFind tickets

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